The Cannington & Area Historical Society held its first meeting in January 1976. Its purpose is to promote interest in local history, the collection and restoration of community artifacts and the preservation of heritage buildings with historical significance to the area.

The Cannington Historical Museum, owned and operated by the Historical Society, displays some of the collection. It was established in 1977 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Village of Cannington and is located in MacLeod Park. The museum features five restored heritage buildings from Brock Township: Brandon Log Cabin, Francis Log House, Loyal Orange Lodge Hall (Derryville Hall), a Driving Shed and the Cannington Railway Station and Caboose. The Cannington & Area Historical Society office is located in the Blacksmith Shop at 21 Laidlaw Street South, which was recently acquired by the Historical Society.

If you have any questions or wish to contact us for a tour, please call us at 705-432-3136 or email us at:


Preserving the Past, Protecting the Present, Enlightening the Future


To promote an interest in the local history of people and place;

To research, collect and preserve local historical information and area artifacts,
e.g., old time family photos, newspapers and genealogical, cemetery and census records;
to serve as the archives for the Township of Brock;

To encourage the preservation of heritage buildings with historical significance to this area, e.g., secure designation under the Heritage Act or Brock Heritage plaque program; saving structures by relocation to the Museum site in MacLeod Park;

To disseminate information on material collected by holding general meetings and workshops; providing interpretive tours to museum guests and school classes;

To maintain the Museum:

  •  by preserving (and restoring),
  •  by displaying (visiting the museum),
  •  by entertaining (telling a story),
  •  by educating (delivering a lesson).

Preserving the Past

Protecting the Present
Enlightening the Future

Cannington & Area Historical Society