The Blacksmith Shop, complete with forges, will be  restored as a working museum and display area for the Historical Society.
The lower level Carriage Shop will be re-purposed into a fully accessible community meeting room. 
The former main floor office will be re-purposed and used as a Universal washroom.
The second floor Carpenter Shop, over the Carriage Shop, will continue to be utilized as a restoration / storage area.
The former second level Show Rooms will be utilized as an office space, boardroom and resource room / library.
The 3rd floor Custodian’s Residence will be used for artifact storage.

We acknowledge the financial

support of the Government of Canada.

Blacksmith and Carriage Shop

21 Laidlaw Street South
Cannington, ON L0E 1E0

Jane's Walk Brock 2021

Canada 150 Community Infastructure Program

We acknowledge the financial support of the
Ontario Trillium Foundation

Support the mission and vision of the Cannington Historical Society.
Develop within the heritage community a network of resources to actively advise on built heritage preservation and ‘best-practices’.  
The maintenance and enhancement of this structure, from a by-gone era once a fundamental feature of every village in rural Ontario, is essential to a living museum; we can learn from this community.
Develop within the former village a spirit of participation to cultivate a vibrant community with an appreciation for, and experience of, local history.
Develop within the collaborative region an inclusive venue for voluntary activities without physical limitations or social restrictions.
Develop, under the leadership of the Cannington Historical Society, a wider-community purpose of revitalization and pride.
Develop a tourist destination as a living museum and community meeting room.

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Cannington & Area Historical Society

Preserving the Past

Protecting the Present
Enlightening the Future